RC-2 Stop/Tempo Switch Mod



Here’s my RC-2 that I modified. I found the instructions here and got this switch to install. The reason why I used this switch is because it was the strongest option for a momentary switch that was normally closed (NC). IMPORTANT: it MUST be NC in order for the switch to operate correctly with the RC-2. The wiring portion of the mod was fairly simple. I would say that the toughest part of the mod was cutting the square hole underneath the lid (not visible in photos).

I’ve always wanted the simple functionality of killing the looped phrase with one tap as opposed to a double tap, but the only way this was possible was with an external foot switch. I always thought this defeated the purpose of having a small looper pedal. But with this simple modification, I now have the foot switch mounted on the top.

Lots of win here.

3 thoughts on “RC-2 Stop/Tempo Switch Mod

  1. Hey man. Enjoying your blog, especially the “worship pedalboard.” I couldn’t agree more.

    I found you bc I’m looking to mod my RC-1 w the stop switch but the link to the Tumblr page w the diagram isn’t there anymore. Did you happen to download that file yourself and would be willing to pass along to me? I’d be a very appreciative fellow DIYer!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. hi there! i’m glad you’re enjoying my little blog. i don’t own a RC-1, but assuming the bottom right jack on the pedal accepts an external momentary switch, the mod should be the same as the RC-2. assuming you have the basic electrical tools to work with (soldering iron, solder, wire stripper), you would only need a NORMALLY CLOSED momentary switch and 2 wires. connect the two leads on the switch with the wire to two leads on the jack that correspond to the TIP and SLEEVE of the jack. keep in mind that you’ll need to route the wires to the area that’s right under the switch plate. if you’ve done this successfully, go ahead and try it out to see if it works. if it does, then the next part is the more laborious part – cutting into the pedal to accommodate the switch (a dremel tool will be handy here). i’ll leave that bit up to you! just make sure you really plan for enough space under that plate! hope this helps. if not, leave me another comment and i’ll see if i can clarify further.

  3. It’s a long shot but… Would you do a Rc-1 mod for me? I could send a pic of the guts to compare to your Rc-2. I don’t have any modding experience.

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