First Pedal Build – Sho ‘Nuff Boost

Here’s my first ever guitar pedal build. In the past I’ve modded my gear and replaced components here and there, but I’ve never built one “from scratch.” The PCB was purchased from and this is the Sho ‘Nuff Boost. From what I understand, it’s supposed to be based off the ZVEX Super Hard-On (although I can’t seem to find where I may have read this). But this design - in addition to the “crackle” knob - also incorporates a master volume knob. This is especially nice since I’m planning on utilizing this boost post-OD. The volume knob will allow me to dial the crackle knob to taste while still being able to keep the volume output at a reasonable level.

Honestly, I really only wanted to build this thing just for the heck of it. And even though I didn’t have any committed intention to add it to my board, I did build it with my board in mind. Ideally it’d sit at the most bottom-right corner of my board (where my drive section sits). So for this reason, both the “in” and “out” jacks are place on the left side of the pedal. It was also intentional that the knobs are side-mounted as opposed to top-mounted; I wanted to eliminate the possibility of my feet accidentally brushing up against those knobs and changing my settings.

I know this is kinda silly, but I’m pretty proud of my work here. I feel like I’ve put together something aesthetically appealing (at least to me), and the design decisions lending function so specific to my needs is very gratifying as well. Lastly – and I know I’m patting myself on the back like crazy right now – I’m just kinda impressed at myself for how I was able to cram all these components into this tiny enclosure…and the guts looks damn nice too! Man. Good job, me!

4 thoughts on “First Pedal Build – Sho ‘Nuff Boost

  1. You didn’t provide information on the most important component affecting tone – the LED. WHAT COLOR IS IT?

  2. LED is white! I actually bought another enclosure. I realized that placing the power jack on top makes it hard for me to fit it on my board. I’m gonna try to move it to the same side as the in/out jacks. will post an update when that’s completed.

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