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iPhone Macro

as i said i would do, i’ve pretty much completely disassembled an old (and broken) ex-s600 to acquire a few lenses to make my macro attachment for my iphone. after much unscrewing, prying and a bit of superglue, here’s what i have for now – it’s that little black batarang-looking thing in front of the rubble. i haven’t quite figured out a way to attach it to the iphone yet. right now i need to use both hands to keep it on. but the results are what i was looking for. here are a few:

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wordpress app on iphone

just testing out this application :) if you didn’t know, I got myself an iPhone a little over a week ago and have been having a blast (a few quibbles here and there) using it! here’s a photo just for the sake of testing out this app. I just took this from inside a starbucks. it’s my bike and it’s very difficult to steal…especially with me sitting in plain sight of it! will update more later!