Maria Sue Chapman dies in car accident

i really couldn’t believe this when i read it.
steven curtis chapman’s youngest daughter was killed in an accident on wednesday.

just to give you a little background, steven curtis chapman has been in the christian music scene for just about 2 decades now. the ministry of his music and his life has impacted people all over the world.

personally for me, it was his music that sorta broke me away from all the classical music i used to listen to. i hate to admit that at some point in my life i felt that i had “graduated” from his music and moved on to “better” things. but i find that these days, when i listen to his music it moves me just the same, if not more. recently his ministry has been very active in a place that holds a special place in my heart – china. three (one of them, maria) of his 6 children were actually adopted from china. i really have nothing but respect for this man.

i know for many of us, christian or not, there’s comfort in believing that “everything happens for a reason.” but i’ll be honest in saying that i find it kinda hard to just say that and feel better about it all. i still whole-heartedly believe it’s true, but i really wonder what God’s reasoning is for this. of course whether that reason is ever revealed doesn’t matter. i guess it just goes to show how finite i am and how much i just need to have faith.

there’s a lot going on in this world. and as bad as it all is, i’d be scared to death if God wasn’t behind it all.

here’s a short clip of maria.

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