They don’t make them like they used to

take a look at this vintage marvel
(click to see larger, in case you’re new to the internets).


this is the sony D-25s discman. i acquired this old piece of technology years ago on ebay simply based on its sleek looks. for a few years now, it’s been at my parents’ place in “my” room (it’s really just wear i stay when i’m there), hooked up to a simple 3-piece speaker set. recently i became curious and decided to google the model # of this discman (as they were formerly called) and was surprised at what i found out.

The D-25 portable CD player is regarded by many as one of the best portable CD player ever made for sound quality. Its construction is superb and is made almost entirely of metal. Not like the cheap players of today. This player was made circa 1989 and has the audiophile coveted 4X over sampling that offers incredibly detailed and smooth sound. The headphone out will drive even the most demanding headphones with ease and the line out when paired with a nice headphone amp offers the most liquid midrange and taught accurate base. The D25s has a strong headphone out and a true Line Out on the back of the unit.

awesome! click here if you’re interested in finding out more.

on a related note, have you listened to CD’s lately? with my mp3 players being my main source for portable media entertainment (and before that, MD players), i’ve somewhat abandoned CD’s. but with the discovery of this little treasure of a discman that i own, i’ve recently started to listen to them again. and i must say, there is a noticeable difference in quality. try it out. but remember, what you hear is only going to be as good as your speakers or headphones.

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