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Just a quick note. This blog was never intended to be just about music gear. That’s just sorta what I ended up posting a lot about. Well, a couple days ago I decided to create a public Instagram account that’s a little more focused on my music hobby. So if you want, you can go check that out: simongchacha

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Please Stop Saying: “Worship Pedalboard”

There aren’t a whole lot of things that make me roll my eyes, but the term “worship pedalboard” is one of them. I think the effects pedal industry has reached a serious saturation point, where everyone is going for that same sound, using the same combination of boutique pedals, the same grey gigantic expensive digital delay pedal (if you have the matching reverb processor, minus 100 points!), with that same volume pedal front and center. They’re just pedalboards, folks. If you primarily play at church, that’s fine. But what you’re stepping on is a pedalboard…not a “worship pedalboard.” Part of […]