Please Stop Saying: “Worship Pedalboard”

There aren’t a whole lot of things that make me roll my eyes, but the term “worship pedalboard” is one of them.

I think the effects pedal industry has reached a serious saturation point, where everyone is going for that same sound, using the same combination of boutique pedals, the same grey gigantic expensive digital delay pedal (if you have the matching reverb processor, minus 100 points!), with that same volume pedal front and center.

They’re just pedalboards, folks. If you primarily play at church, that’s fine. But what you’re stepping on is a pedalboard…not a “worship pedalboard.”

Part of me just feels like there are a bunch of rich Christian kids out there who who’ve gotten hooked on this hobby and they’re just so happy to be doing God’s work. Take away their pedalboard, and they will lose their identity…

I don’t know how to end this post/rant.

3 thoughts on “Please Stop Saying: “Worship Pedalboard”

  1. The title of your post could have a dual meaning in that these people make their pedalboards (or their gear really) the object of their worship. That’s actually what I thought you were going to write about before I clicked to see the full post. Stop click baiting me Simon!

  2. I could not agree more. I am sick of this silly trend. What’s next, your Worship guitar and Worship amplifier? To Hell with these phonies and their need to squeeze their faith in at every opportunity so that the chicks will think they are marriage material or something ridiculous. And remember – your Worship God knows where you keep your hypocritical Worship porn stash even if your girl doesn’t. Even Jimmy Swaggert visited ladies of the night, and didn’t cry any crocodile tears about it until he got caught.

  3. For the record, in expressing this annoyance, I do not possess as much disdain. I used to play for church (I don’t at the moment). But Christians are just as susceptible as any other human being to sins; It’s a struggle for everyone on. But it’s very possible that many may put up a front that gives off the impression that they’ve got it all together. So if people like this rub you the wrong way, I’m with you on that. My point, though, is that the word “worship” is just such an unnecessary qualifier when referring to your guitar rig. It’s as ridiculous as saying you have a “evangelizing skateboard” if skateboarding is what your ministry efforts hinge on. Or if you like to make videos centered on a christian message, you wouldn’t refer to your video gear with some religious lingo…

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