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Please Stop Saying: “Worship Pedalboard”

There aren’t a whole lot of things that make me roll my eyes, but the term “worship pedalboard” is one of them. I think the effects pedal industry has reached a serious saturation point, where everyone is going for that same sound, using the same combination of boutique pedals, the same grey gigantic expensive digital delay pedal (if you have the matching reverb processor, minus 100 points!), with that same volume pedal front and center. They’re just pedalboards, folks. If you primarily play at church, that’s fine. But what you’re stepping on is a pedalboard…not a “worship pedalboard.” Part of […]

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My First Hot Air Balloon Ride

This past weekend, Sae and I went on our first hot air balloon ride. I bought this voucher for us to go as a Valentines Day gift but we never got around to redeeming them until recently.


Rich Mullins – Homeless Man

Rich Mullins. Right up there with Mr. Rogers as one of the few people in history I’d wanna meet if it were possible. I’m not a fan of every single one of his songs (mostly due to stylistic preference). But of the few that I do like, they are some of my favorite songs of all time. I still remember hearing the news about his passing. It was me, my brother and my mom. We were in central Florida at the time for a violin music competition. We took quite a handful of road trips like  this, and wherever we were, we’d […]


Childhood Dreams

true story: when I was young (about 6 or 7) I flipped through my parents’ vacation pictures from Universal Studios. one of the pictures was a photo of my mom lifting up an entire side of a van. “I used to be bionic,” she said. I believed her. now, being a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man, I understood what being bionic meant and what you could do. so one day in class, our assignment was to draw what we wanted to be when we grew up. I drew a little man scaling the entire side of a building […]

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These are called “gaw”

like “ping-gaw” (apple in Cantonese) I’ve been eating these pink trangle things as long as I can remember. I thought it was a Chinese thing. but I’m starting to think that it might just be a Yung family recipe. all it is is mainly rice and some other things wrapped around a pink dough which is later pressed onto a pattern. then it’s fried like an egg. it’s good. :)

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Dusty Matches Socks

this is my cat, dusty. often times, i’ll walk out of my room and find my doorway littered with my socks. most of my socks are the same so matching isn’t really that big of a deal. but occasionally i’ll have a patterned pair in my sack of laundry and dusty will actually bring the matching pair to my door. smart!

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Casio Exilim EX-S770

this is my casio compact digital point-and-shoot camera. all I really want to say is that this is all around a great camera. why say this all of a sudden??? well last night I was looking back at all the pictures I had taken with it and it was just fun to see all the experiences I had been through. i was curious to see how far the earliest picture dated back, and to my surprise i’ve had this camera for close to 2 years now. it’s still chugging along quite strong and takes super long (and good quality) videos […]