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Casio Exilim EX-S770

this is my casio compact digital point-and-shoot camera. all I really want to say is that this is all around a great camera. why say this all of a sudden??? well last night I was looking back at all the pictures I had taken with it and it was just fun to see all the experiences I had been through. i was curious to see how far the earliest picture dated back, and to my surprise i’ve had this camera for close to 2 years now. it’s still chugging along quite strong and takes super long (and good quality) videos […]

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spotted this cool looking camera sometime last week and thought it was really cool. really digging the analog battery and memory indicators as well as the balance between black and brushed metal. i’ve been pretty jaded by many of recent offerings of other manufacturers. even the recent offerings of canon are somewhat of a mixed bag. i’ll admit to putting form before function, so i may be missing out on features. but i don’t care… i remember owning the NV10 a couple years back. it was beautifully functional. i loved the grid UI – extremely elegant and intuitive. there were […]