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Jet Jaguar!

with the exception of people in my immediate family, i really don’t know anyone else who knows who Jet Jaguar is. well, all you really gotta know is that HE IS KICKASS! this is him shaking hands with the king of monsters himself after he helped him defeat Megalon.

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Micro Heli’s

man has been fascinated by flight for as long as history can tell. i am a man. if you’re into R/C’s and helicopters, you gotta get yourself one of these bad boys. just search ebay for “syma s010” and you’ll find the one i have in the picture. 30 bucks a pop! this is the best one in the $30 range. lots of fun but at the same time very therapeutic.

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Dusty Matches Socks

this is my cat, dusty. often times, i’ll walk out of my room and find my doorway littered with my socks. most of my socks are the same so matching isn’t really that big of a deal. but occasionally i’ll have a patterned pair in my sack of laundry and dusty will actually bring the matching pair to my door. smart!

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Kryptonite Mini U-Lock & Holster

bike theft in NYC is a pretty big problem. i’m glad that i went with kryptonite’s “fahgettaboudit” chain lock shortly after i bought my bike. however, over the months i’ve come to realize that the chain lock is a bit of a nuisance to carry around if i’m wearing a bag. i can really only carry it one way – across my shoulder. some people can wear it around their waist, but i’m not that skinny. anyway, i’ve finally gotten my hands on the mini U-lock by the “fahgettaboudit” name. it is perfect. the only drawback is that i can’t […]