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Walrus Audio Deep Six (Compressor)

Here’s my new compressor pedal. I really like it. Previously, I had a Boss CS-2 on the board, which is regarded by most as a pretty great compressor. I agree. Before that, I had a MXR DynaComp. I even had it modified by JHS. But it just wasn’t doing what I wanted. As great as the CS-2 was, I was really intrigued by the idea of having a blend knob on a compressor, which the Deep Six has. So I’ve finally gotten my hands on one for a good price.

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My Mini Board

I know I mentioned that I’d be featuring my new pedalboard in upcoming entires…this is not it. At some point I realized that my days of acquiring effects resulted in a small stash of pedals that I didn’t use. So I wondered if I’d be able to make a complete and usable mini effects rig out of them. This is what came about from that curiosity. It’s mounted on a Pedaltrain Mini, and is pretty much really all I need to facilitate my style of playing. What it lacks, you’ll see when I feature my full board. Video demo coming […]

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New Zune?

so it seems like this is Microsoft’s next offering for their Zune players (confirmed by a small handful of reliable sources). honestly, i think it looks pretty nice. no word on specs yet, but from the looks of it, it’s gotta be a touch-screen device. and the skinny thing that looks like a button might be similar to the ipod touch/iphone’s home button. i have the first-gen zune and i actually think it’s still a nice solid music player with a very nice UI. i wonder what this new Zune can do…

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Micro Heli’s

man has been fascinated by flight for as long as history can tell. i am a man. if you’re into R/C’s and helicopters, you gotta get yourself one of these bad boys. just search ebay for “syma s010” and you’ll find the one i have in the picture. 30 bucks a pop! this is the best one in the $30 range. lots of fun but at the same time very therapeutic.