Pedalboard as of 06/17/15

This is the latest version of my pedalboard.  The newest addition, my Sho ‘Nuff boost in the bottom right corner.

Here’s a closer shot of my drive section. Below is the complete signal path.

Order Manufacturer Model Type
1 TC Electronic Polytune Tuner
2 Morley Maverick Wah
3 Boss PH-3 Phaser
4 Lovepedal Amp11 Overdrive + Boost
5 Walrus Audio Voyager Overdrive
6 Guitarsystems Fuzz Tool Jr. Fuzz
7 Walrus Audio Deep Six Compresser
8 GuitarPCB/Me Sho ‘Nuff Boost
9 Maxon CS-9Pro Chorus
10 Boss/JHS DD-5 Digital Delay
11 Boss/JHS TR-2 Tremolo
12 Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo
13 Strymon BlueSky Reverb

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