T.C. Electronic HyperGravity Compressor

T.C. has been teasing a new product for a little while now, but it was only a couple weeks ago that they officially announced what this new thing is.  Well, here it is – the HyperGravity Compressor.

Earlier this year, I got my hands on Walrus’ Deep Six compressor. It was a step up from what I previous used (Boss CS-2), with the “blend” knob being one of the more notable features for me. But  I realized that I did have to sacrifice the high frequencies a bit. It was a compromise, but it wasn’t that bad. But when the marketing video for the HyperGravity came out, I was immediately intrigued by T.C.’s (usually) digital approach at manipulating sound. This compressor is a multi-band compressor. Don’t ask me about this, ’cause I only know as much as I can gather by the wording of this type of compression. Seemed like a good thing, and I really wanted it!

Well, it came in the mail yesterday! I had the opportunity to play through it (at bedroom levels) and it was exactly what I expected. The highs in my signal are retained and I get a ton of flexibility. Unless someone makes something new in the world of compressors that I feel warrants the purchase of a new pedal, I think I can confidently say that this one will be the last one (for a while, at least). I’m probably wrong…who knows.

here’s Tore, introducing the pedal to the world with his calm Jesus-looking face.

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