Pedaltrain Metro-16

Here’s my mini pedalboard mounted on a Pedaltrain Metro-16, one of their new offerings for 2015.

Previously, I had the old Pedaltrain Mini. Apparently, my model had gone through a couple of revisions. One of them is publicly known and visually obvious. The other, more or less nobody knows about and you really can’t tell just by looking at it. What it comes down to is that my Mini doesn’t accept any non-daisychain power supplies.

The power upgrade is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. But when I realized that my board wasn’t compatible, I went online to see if i could find a used one that would work. But then I came across Pedaltrain’s new Metro line and was pretty happy to see the new dimensions. The 3-rail design really makes for much more usable space, and the price was pretty affordable. I had to snatch it up.

Here’s a short clip of the ambient sounds I can get with what I’ve packed into this board. Also possible is a decent range of dirt, ranging from light overdrive to a nice rocking crunch with boost for lead lines.

This board is an excellent size. I did a comparison of this with my old Mini and there is actually LESS (about 10 sq. in. less) surface area to work with, but more of it is usable because of the new orientation. And not that I would ever do this, but this board can fit in my backpack. I may start making practical use of  this board by using it solely for rehearsals.

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  1. Hi! Would like to know what kind of power supply are you using? Did you mount it below the board?

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