Klon Centaur Clone: Aion Electronics “Refractor”

Shortly after sharing about my new mini-board (here), I acquired a Pluetoneum Chi-Wah-Wah V2 (careful…oddly nsfw) to complete and maximize the usefulness of my new mini setup. I didn’t really feel like posting about it, although I may do a more lengthy demo in the future. Other than that acquisition, it’s all been Boss mods and new complete builds. This one pictured above is one of my proudest completed projects.

It’s a Klon Centaur clone from Aion Electronics. The one thing I like about this project is that it is a part-for-part clone of the Klon Centaur but arranged on a smaller pcb. Just ebay search “Klon” and you’ll see that these pedals fetch up to $1000.00 easily. Anyway, aside from the fact that this pedal produces some legitimately great tones, I really like the jewel LED I was able to incorporate into this design. Pictured above, the LED has a purple jewel lense cover. But I also purchased a couple in a milky-white and this has a neat effect too! By the way, the actual LED underneath is pink. Here’s a stupid video of just me turn the pedal on and off.

I’ll post a video of me playing this thing soon…

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