Klon Clone Demo

OK, this video is 75% the Klon clone, but I give Amp 11 and the Fuzz Tool Jr. a fair amount of play, I think.

Well, here are my thoughts on the Klon. First off, I have absolutely no first-hand experience with the real thing. But with this Klon clone being a part-for-part reproduction of the original, I trust that I’ve assembled something that sounds faithful to the genuine article.

Let me first briefly describe the Amp 11 you see there. The Amp 11 is my favorite overdrive pedal. The tone of my guitar stays in tact, while the overdriven break-up presents itself according to my picking intensity. Stuff like this is always a bit hard to explain. But the best way I can put it is that it feels “spongy” when my picking intensity varies, but it can also be pretty saturated if I strum rhythm parts through it. So this is the Amp 11, and this is why I like it.

The Klon is pretty different. Its got a pretty pronounced mid-frequency hump. And there’s also this consistent harmonic presence in the upper-mid frequency range that’s kinda nice. My initial impressions of the Klon was that it was very similar to the Voyager that was previously on my board, and I actually had to let the Voyager grow on me. So I guess by this point I was thoroughly initiated with this sound. It’s a good contrasting drive. I use it for certain situations when I need my guitars to cut through the mix without using the boost. The character of the gain is very smooth and consistent, but it doesn’t have the “sponginess” that I was describing on the Amp 11. It takes the Amp 11’s boost side really well, however. I don’t know, something about that Amp 11 is just great.

Anyway, this is all the writing I’ll do on this. Enjoy the video.

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