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DIY: toe strap doubler

i like DIY stuff, especially when it’s fairly easy to do and the results are pleasing. here’s a DIY toe strap doubler that i put together (instructions found here). i had to go to 3 places to get all the ingredients. home depot: hole puncher 39th street (lots of fabric/crafts stores): rivets rivet tool james (neighborhood belt guy): sheet of leather *i already had a straight edge, blade, and cutting mat the original instructions called for 12 rivets for each side, but i think the rivets that i bought were just a tad larger than what was pictured so i […]

diy - music gear

handle transplant

about a year ago, the handle for my guitar case broke. i guess that’s acceptable since i had literally taken that case around the world and back. but i don’t know why i resorted to buying another case altogether instead of trying to fix it. i think nowadays i tend to consider the latter first whenever something breaks. anyway, below is the handle for the case i bought to replace my original case which had broken at the handle. i wish i had taken a picture of the actual broken handle before i proceeded to tear it off the case. […]

diy - music gear

tap-tempo make-over

one very important effect combination in my line-up of pedals is the boss dd-5 delay coupled with an external tap tempo. below is a picture of that isolated set-up back when i realized how much i liked it (think where the streets have no name). the fs-5u did its job and did it well…but it took up more space than it needed to. so one day as i was browsing around ebay for pedals i came across a seller who offered a tap pedal that would occupy a much smaller footprint – it was $20 so i snatched it up. […]

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wordpress app on iphone

just testing out this application :) if you didn’t know, I got myself an iPhone a little over a week ago and have been having a blast (a few quibbles here and there) using it! here’s a photo just for the sake of testing out this app. I just took this from inside a starbucks. it’s my bike and it’s very difficult to steal…especially with me sitting in plain sight of it! will update more later!

sad news

Maria Sue Chapman dies in car accident

i really couldn’t believe this when i read it. steven curtis chapman’s youngest daughter was killed in an accident on wednesday. just to give you a little background, steven curtis chapman has been in the christian music scene for just about 2 decades now. the ministry of his music and his life has impacted people all over the world. personally for me, it was his music that sorta broke me away from all the classical music i used to listen to. i hate to admit that at some point in my life i felt that i had “graduated” from his […]

music gear

They don’t make them like they used to

take a look at this vintage marvel (click to see larger, in case you’re new to the internets). this is the sony D-25s discman. i acquired this old piece of technology years ago on ebay simply based on its sleek looks. for a few years now, it’s been at my parents’ place in “my” room (it’s really just wear i stay when i’m there), hooked up to a simple 3-piece speaker set. recently i became curious and decided to google the model # of this discman (as they were formerly called) and was surprised at what i found out. The […]

music gear

music gear

i’ll let my first “official” entry be about my effects pedals… this is new: RC-2 about this little box: it really packs a whole lot into a small package. it holds 16 minutes of recording time and 11 slots to save those recorded samples to. what you do with it is basically record something you play in real time, let it play back, and then either play on top of it or overdub another line onto it. and what you put in is what it spits out, so there’s no loss in quality (at least not from what i can […]