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Pedaltrain Metro-16

Here’s my mini pedalboard mounted on a Pedaltrain Metro-16, one of their new offerings for 2015.

Previously, I had the old Pedaltrain Mini. Apparently, my model had gone through a couple of revisions. One of them is publicly known and visually obvious. The other, more or less nobody knows about and you really can’t tell just by looking at it. What it comes down to is that my Mini doesn’t accept any non-daisychain power supplies. Continue reading Pedaltrain Metro-16

Pedalboard as of 06/17/15

This is the latest version of my pedalboard.  The newest addition, my Sho ‘Nuff boost in the bottom right corner.

Here’s a closer shot of my drive section. Below is the complete signal path. Continue reading Pedalboard as of 06/17/15

Walrus Audio Deep Six (Compressor)

Here’s my new compressor pedal. I really like it. Previously, I had a Boss CS-2 on the board, which is regarded by most as a pretty great compressor. I agree. Before that, I had a MXR DynaComp. I even had it modified by JHS. But it just wasn’t doing what I wanted. As great as the CS-2 was, I was really intrigued by the idea of having a blend knob on a compressor, which the Deep Six has. So I’ve finally gotten my hands on one for a good price. Continue reading Walrus Audio Deep Six (Compressor)

New Zune?


so it seems like this is Microsoft’s next offering for their Zune players (confirmed by a small handful of reliable sources). honestly, i think it looks pretty nice. no word on specs yet, but from the looks of it, it’s gotta be a touch-screen device. and the skinny thing that looks like a button might be similar to the ipod touch/iphone’s home button.

i have the first-gen zune and i actually think it’s still a nice solid music player with a very nice UI. i wonder what this new Zune can do…


spotted this cool looking camera sometime last week and thought it was really cool. really digging the analog battery and memory indicators as well as the balance between black and brushed metal. i’ve been pretty jaded by many of recent offerings of other manufacturers. even the recent offerings of canon are somewhat of a mixed bag. i’ll admit to putting form before function, so i may be missing out on features. but i don’t care…

i remember owning the NV10 a couple years back. it was beautifully functional. i loved the grid UI – extremely elegant and intuitive. there were a couple things i didn’t like. one was the gimmicky frame features that could only come from korea – the sort of thing you would’ve found in a sticker picture booth. the other gripe i had was the sound quality of videos. i take a lot of videos so this was important. picture quality, however, were quite good i thought. i’m no authority on this, but i can spot nuances in smoothness, clarity, and color.

anyway, this seems to be one kick-ass camera.

see more here.

handle transplant

about a year ago, the handle for my guitar case broke. i guess that’s acceptable since i had literally taken that case around the world and back. but i don’t know why i resorted to buying another case altogether instead of trying to fix it. i think nowadays i tend to consider the latter first whenever something breaks. anyway, below is the handle for the case i bought to replace my original case which had broken at the handle. i wish i had taken a picture of the actual broken handle before i proceeded to tear it off the case. but whatever, i looks exaclty like the one below – just broken at one of the hinges. here, just to give you an idea.


just about a couple weeks ago, it dawned on me that somewhere, there’s gotta be a place that sells replacement parts for cases. sure enough, google turned up some satisfying results and i was able to order a replacement case handle from Elderly Instruments.

i’ll spare you the story, but this was a hell of a lot more difficult to install than my tap-tempo.
check out the new genuine leather handle. it’s much more comfortable than the wannabe-leather molded plastic handle that used to be there. in fact, i think you can even see the rivet holes where the old handle was.